Saturday, May 31, 2014


Maybe when I catch up on blog posting, I can name my posts something a little more creative ;-)

This is just a cute picture of Zoe in a nice outfit :) I don't dress her this cute often, so enjoy it while you can. 

Colt is doing spelling… joys of homeschool - you can do spelling in your pjs! He's spelling his words with lima beans with letters on them, in case you are wondering. 

Tatum has been into Frozen like most little girls. She insists that I fix her hair like Elsa every single day. 

Petting zoo time

Tatum loved getting her face painted. She's really interested in make-up right now and is frequently found rummaging through my make-up bag.

2 Cuties

Axel and Alethea came to visit! 

It's fun having cousins around! Zoe always seems so much bigger when a smaller baby is over. 

We had several ice days. This is the one little "snowman" (more like an ice-man) that Tatum and our neighbor could build. Notice Tatum… she's in her "Elsa dress." Do you want to build a snowman?

We went downtown for pizza to celebrate some accomplishment of the kids one night. 

After pizza we stopped by Jim-Jim's Water Ice for snow cones! I love that these snow cones are made from real fruit :) This is random to place here, but one word the kids have been saying lately is "amn't." Like, "I amn't doing that!" It's a contraction they made up that cracks us up! 

Colt had a school vacation day while Tatum and Levi were in preschool, so I took advantage and we made a day of it! He chose to eat at Kerby Lane for breakfast. They have delicious gluten-free pancakes… he ate every bite :) 

Then we hit up Peter Pan Putt-Putt.

Even Zoe joined in on the fun.

We love the weirdness of Austin.

Our neighbors decided to move, so I thought I'd get a pic of them. One of the things we have loved about our new house is that we have kids in the neighborhood that we can easily play with. 

We will miss August and Ivy very much! We are praying that our new neighbors will also have kids! 

Zoe loves playing with the big kids outside too. 

Grocery shopping time. Gotta pile in! 

This is Zoe's first bacon. Felt like it was a good moment to capture. We love bacon! (I actually found a sugar-free bacon at Whole Foods that we are all digging. It is surprisingly every bit as good as the kind with sugar, just even healthier. Makes me wonder why they even put sugar in the other kind.)

Our friend Innocente had her baby and I got to hold this sweet girl one day!! Something precious about newborn life. 

More cousin time! Eliza and Hazel came to play! 

Another South church picture. The worship team called all the kids up to sing Mighty to Save before they were dismissed for children's classes. It was such a sweet moment to hear our kids singing these words of Truth!

Colt worked really hard on his animal project this year. He chose a mockingbird. He did all the handwriting himself which took forever but he was diligent! I was a little disappointed that he chose a bird and not some other animal that we could take a field trip to the zoo to see, but it ended up being great. Now we know more about all the mockingbirds we see in our back yard! 

He made a bird mobile with one bird perched and the other flying. He was so proud of his project and I was proud of him! 

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