Monday, February 9, 2009

Baseball fever

Many of you know how much we love baseball. Actually, I must say my favorite thing about the Super Bowl is that it marks the END of NFL football (I can't stand it) and means Spring Training is right around the corner! About 2 weeks ago, Ty's alma matter had an alumni baseball game to raise money for a new field house. We treked to Houston to watch Ty, Cody and Dusty play baseball together on a frigid day. I don't know if Ty and his brothers have all 3 played a game together before, so it was fun to watch. Dusty was on the high school team (he's a Senior this year) and Ty and Cody on the alumni team, obviously. While the alumni team got smoked, they had fun anyway. Here are some pics from the game:
When Ty got up to bat, he hit one deep to Left Center. It actually hit the wall (and would've been a home run if it was just a few feet higher!). He tripped when he rounded 1st, which was hilarious, so he only made it a double. This is Ty hitting during the homerun derby and his slide into 2nd base.

So our first baseball game of the year was a big success. It was fun to get the whole Dishman family together, as it had been several months. And in anticipation of this spring, all I can say is, "Play Ball!"

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allyo said...

Of course, I loved this post. My favorite picture is of Chip and Ty holding there bats...there is something special about brothers and baseball!