Saturday, February 28, 2009


My friend Lauren tagged me to do this post, so here goes!

*Choose 7 spectacular blogs that you can't live without and pass this goodie on to the them.


*List 10 honest things about yourself.

1. I'm planning to cloth diaper Levi and just started to cloth diaper Colt. I'm not trying to save any landfills, but I do feel like the lack of chemicals in cloth diapers will be best for my kids bottoms. Plus, cloth diapered kiddos are supposed to potty train WAY earlier than disposable diapered kids and it's cheaper than disposables! (Don't worry, I'm using a diaper service for the next 3 months, so I don't have to wash the diapers till I'm more used to the process.)

2. I bought a bag of Oreos 3 days ago, and they are gone. Yep, I ate every single one, except for one that I shared with Colt! I swear I should never buy Oreos again.

3. I'd go back to college in a heartbeat. I loved the fun I had with no real responsibility and I was in the best shape of my life.

4. I love my in-laws. They are absolutely wonderful and I am truly blessed!

5. I've won my Fantasy baseball league 2 years in a row. I love baseball and good competition, so watch out this year, team :)

6. I have weird dreams when I'm pregnant. Dreams about all sorts of things. I guess this is normal during pregnancy, but I'm kinda ready to return to normal :)

7. My husband calls me a certified hippy. Guess you could've gleaned that from #1 above, but I also choose to eat organic foods, want to grow my own garden, use safe cleaning products, use my recycled bags at the grocery, and am looking to purchase a composter and rainbarrel in the near future.

8. I had Colt via c-section due to silly Florida rules, but am planning to have Levi via VBAC. Please pray for a safe delivery for both of us.

9. I'm planning to run a marathon at the end of 2009. It'll be how I'll hopefully get my 35 lbs of baby weight off!

10. I was born in England and love to drink hot tea with cream and sugar. And I love Cadbury eggs at Easter... yum!

Okay, for the tagging part....Here are the ones who I think should participate.... Sarah Ellis, Raena, Colleen, Chez, Renee H., Mary Beth, Sara


Raena said...

I enjoyed reading about you! I love cloth diapering...I don't even mind the washing. I used Bum Genius AIOs, what are you using? I have a composter and would LOVE a rain barrel. I cannot wait o plant our first organic garden. I will post the tag soon. Hopefully by then you won't be pregnant anymore!!!

Colleen said...

Hey there - enjoyed the post. And congrats on the arrival of LEVI! Yea!! Can't wait to meet him.

Calling Out 100 said...

I want to see that baby!! :) Hope you are all doing ok. Send me a picture of Levi when you get a chance (you your spare time!) I want to add him to our nursery board.