Saturday, February 21, 2009

38 week update

I am now actually 39 weeks, but at my 38 week appointment my stats hadn't changed much. The Dr. said I was probably 90% effaced and 3.5 cm dialated (although she said she was basically increasing my numbers to make the Grandma's happier!). In looking back at Colt's pregnancy, I stayed at 80% and 3 cms for 3 weeks! I know this probably isn't of much interest to any of you, so I'm pretty much just posting this so I can refer back if we get pregnant again.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

I bet you will go a little faster this time around! Good luck!!

Rocky and Sunee said...

that's awesome though. getting to start labor at 3.5 cm doesn't sound so bad. I hope he comes soon and quickly and safely.

Andrea W. said...

Hope Colt's feeling better! Are we going to see you at the b-ball game tonight?