Monday, February 16, 2009

Manly Men

Colt was sick this weekend (temp of 103!), so we stayed home from church yesterday. He's MUCH better today, just in case you are wondering. Anyway, Ty decided to undertake a project in our backyard since the weather was so nice yesterday. We have two "forresty" areas in our backyard where Colt loves to play. But, they are so wooded, that Ty nor I can get back to him if he needs help. I usually end up bribing him to come out with a cookie! So, Ty set to work to clear the brush and remove a few dead trees at the same time. He finally called Cody in the afternoon to ask for some help, so the brothers set off to work.

Cody being manly with the chainsaw

Ty helping Colt with a log

He wanted to do it all by himself! Obviously he was feeling better at this point.

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Chez said...

Colt looks so cute in his sleeveless muscle shirt!!