Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have a name!

Name update: So while we still haven't decided on a middle name for our soon-to-arrive son, we have decided that his first name will be LEVI. It means "joined in harmony." Anyway, I knew a Levi in college and have liked the name ever since. Ty and I wanted a unique name (or at least one that is not too popular) and one with Biblical relevance, so this one met our criteria.

Also, my due date is one month from yesterday, so we are getting closer! I plan to post a belly shot soon (actually plan to take it tonight after my hair appointment!). The nursery hasn't even been started, but we are planning to paint this weekend. It's so much different the second time around! At this point last time, my bags were packed, the clothes hanging washed in the closet and I was just incubating :)


p&k said...

I totally felt the same way, Charis! Our number two, today one month old, still doesn't even have a nursery--though I finally did make room in her brother's drawers and closet for her pink clothes, and she has her "own spot" on our bed. :) :) :) And I totally put off packing the hospital bag this time too! Tell Levi welcome from us--and great pic of you and Ty on your header--you look gorgeous.

Andrea W. said...

This is random, but I had a dream that you had the baby but you and Ty didn't tell anybody. We all found out when you guys brought Levi to church the following Sunday. I hope you weren't planning to do that to us!

kate m. said...

Love the name! I was completely unprepared for Everett even before we had to leave Galveston, which only set me back farther. Now the poor kid doesn't even have a house. : ) Nonetheless, they come anyway and life goes on. You'll be ready when he gets here even if he doesn't even have a bed.

allyo said...

I love the name Levi. Can't wait to meet him. Hopefully we will make a trip to Austin sometime. We miss our Austin buddies!