Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marble Falls summer

One of my favorite things this summer was being able to watch Colt and Levi gain so much confidence swimming. At the beginning of the summer they didn't know how to swim and had much fear/hesitance when getting in the water. By summer's end, they were little fishes! 

Colt has never liked swimming in the lake, so we would swim in the pool instead. Levi liked to dive for objects at the bottom of the pool while Colt enjoyed learning to do front flips in the water. 

Nothing like a green smoothie (or purple in this case) to cool us off over the summer. 

We had a great time on the boat with friends this summer. 

Zoe's first boat trip

Little people fit in the nose of the boat just perfectly. 

Tatum always wants to get her hair cut when the boys go in for their cuts. We finally allowed her to get  one (I think this is her 3rd). She was SO excited and asked the hairdresser for a Princess Leia haircut :) We went to a Super Cuts in Marble Falls which was awesome - super affordable and NO wait. We were in and out in 20 minutes! This would never have happened in Austin. 

Beautiful girl showing off her hair cut. Tatum loved this haircut so much that she decided to try and duplicate it once we got home :( Fortunately one of the boys was with her and came to tell on her immediately. She cut off a nice chunk behind her right ear. It isn't obvious at all if her hair is down, but the hair still isn't long enough to fit into a ponytail and hangs down every time :-/

Back to school hair cuts! 

Colt was excited to see his name on the street sign next to Super Cuts. 

At the end of our time in Marble Falls, Levi got sick :( Before taking this nap on the couch, he laid this towel underneath his sweet little head as a proactive measure. Levi is so funny and quite often thoughtful like this… one of the many things we love about him! 

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