Monday, November 4, 2013

More summer loving… JUNE

Tatum continues to be into painting her nails, my nails, anyone's nails who will let her. Rainbow is the color/design of choice. 

June is the month when we listed our house and bought a new one. It was the beginning of the craziness of the summer. One day when someone was looking at our house, we had to vacate right around snack time. I was really struggling to think of a place to go to get a healthy snack, but saw People's Pharmacy as we were driving around. I'd forgotten they had food there, much less health food! We stopped in and got green smoothies. These 3 kiddos devoured that thing like baby birds fighting for  their lunch. It was really hilarious to watch. This picture is of them sucking out of one of the 3 straws in their cup. 

One of the highlights of the summer was swim camp which led to the boys learning to swim!! They went to a one week camp at the West Austin Athletic Club. It was the best experience at a very affordable price - we will definitely be there again next summer. When I would pick them up at lunch each day, they would tell me of something new they were doing. Honestly, I thought they were kidding me/lying to me. Ty and I had been trying for a while to get them to swim but they wouldn't due to certain fears. There was no way some high school kids were going to be able to get my kids to put their faces in the water after a few short hours or to float on their backs. On the last day of the camp, the kids put on a show for the parents. Ty and I were elated as we watched our boys swim across a short segment of the pool unassisted! 

The rest of the summer was spent with many hours at the pool and they improved their skills even more. I thought it would be more difficult for me as a mom to have them swimming independently (b/c they just seemed safer in life jackets). But, it really is nice to see their skills improve so much that I can have some confidence in them to swim by themselves but to know their boundaries at the same time. 

Levi still loves holding his baby sister every day. 

Sweet sleeping baby. Zoe has a bit of baby acne (it went away after 2 weeks). She also had some congestion, so we had to prop her up while she was sleeping and suction her nose (which she wasn't a big fan of). 

Even Spiderman gets tired. 

Sisterly love

While packing up the house, I ran across this Raggedy Andy doll my Grandma Goldie had made for my brother Andrew as a kid. Tatum liked playing with him for the day (until I packed him away!) She's getting more into playing with dolls - I enjoy watching her and the things she does to play with her dolls as the boys never really did this. 
One day Levi put Zoe in the baby doll stroller. She looked a little freaked out :) 

Chubby girl

They had so much fun playing with Z in the stroller. 

Don't know who took this unflattering photo of me, but there is no better feeling than taking a nap in a recliner with a cuddly baby on your chest. 

I watched a friend's kids while they moved (they returned the favor a few weeks later). I love this pic of the kids on the couch in our old house with some of their favorite friends. It was a busy day watching 6 kids! 

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