Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost PInes in Bastrop…. our family staycation

 This year we signed up for Family Camp with our church. We happened to write it on the wrong weekend of our calendar (and since we were living in Marble Falls, we missed all of the church bulletin announcements leading up to the event so we didn't notice our mistake). We only learned of our blunder when we saw friends on Facebook talking about how they were packed and headed to the camp. Um, what?! We already had commitments we couldn't reshuffle to go last minute. So, we used the days Ty had taken off of work and instead went on a mini vacation in Bastrop.
We headed out to a Worm Digging activity. The boys were really excited to get some shovels and dig for worms in the dirt. They had big plans! They were disappointed to get to the activity only to find gummy worms hidden in whipped cream on a plate. Tatum dug right in though after Daddy showed her the ropes! 

The activity staffer ended up pushing Colt's plate in his face… and you can see how well received that yummy goodness was on his face. 

A selfie with my sweetie! 

We had a great time in Bastrop. Spent lots of time in the pool and lazy river, roasted marshmallows, enjoyed some room service, hit up the arcade, went for a bike ride, played some horseshoes, swam some more and had some great food! Our scheduling blunder turned out in our favor. 

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