Sunday, November 3, 2013

A little bit of randomness

So I had a the great idea of trying to take Zoe's monthly pictures with this black chair. I originally was going to pose her at one month of age all curled up on the seat, but this particular day, she wanted to be awake. So I enlisted Colt's help to prop her up and ensure her safety. I think these pics are hilarious for a number of reasons. 

As you will notice, up to this current date, these are the only monthly pics I have taken of Zoe in front of this chair :( In fact, these may be the only on-time monthly picture that I attempted to take this crazy summer. Fortunately for me, Zoe seems like a very laid back baby so hopefully won't mind too much when she gets older. 

SOO sweet!! I've had a number of opportunities to hang out with Zoe, just the 2 of us, during these first few months of her life and have loved every minute of it! We went to a church planting training in Houston for 2 days (we are part of a group at our church who is looking to start a new location of Westover) and we participated in Family Education Week at Colt's new school. It was such a sweet time to be able to spend this one on one time with her. 

Our friend, Angie, got the kids these wooden coloring toys to play with when Zoe was born. Levi is very much into Spiderman right now and is putting forth much more effort to color within the lines, so he was very proud of his creation. 

Sweet Tatum! 

Zoe at 6 weeks

Tatum loves holding Zoe and at this point in time still asked multiple ties each day to hold her.
It's so fun to have a sister! 

I love these kids!! 

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