Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pictures from May… just a little bit behind in posting

Here's my sweet love in May… 3 months old!

Swaddled babies are happy babies! 

Sunning baby… We did this daily for the first couple of months to break her bilirubin down quickly. Plus, it gave her a good tan :)

Here are my kids playing with cousin Eliza on the tire swing at church. We sure do love getting to see her every Sunday! 

This summer Colt learned to ride his bike! We had gotten him a balance bike (one without pedals) that he rode when he got a chance. Being that we lived on a very busy road, we didn't let him out to ride often enough. One day we took him to a grassy park with his real bike to begin teaching him. First attempt and he was off riding on his own!! 

Proud of his accomplishment. Now that we've been in our new house a few months, Colt has been able to ride his bike every day in our driveway. This is by far his favorite thing about moving. He will spend hours in the driveway riding his bike. We are so glad to be off of that busy road! 

On this particular day, Colt was so tired that he fell asleep with his lunch still in his mouth. Thought it was too funny not to capture. 

Ty and I met up for a lunch date one day at none other than Zoe's favorite restaurant. 

This is the amazing diaper cake my friend Kellie made for Zoe's baby shower. All of the decorations on it are hair bows that we have been using! 

This is Vicki, the midwife who delivered Zoe taken at Zoe's 6 week checkup. 

Sweet sleeping baby in an adorable outfit my mom bought for Tatum. Gotta love hand me downs! 

Where's Zoe?! One day I went to my friend Jenny's house for a bit. Her daughter Piper wanted to play with Zoe. When I came to check on them after a few minutes, it took me a second to find her. 

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