Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer t-ball

To start off the summer, Colt and Levi got to be able to be on the same T-ball team. This is one of the perks of having sons so close in age - we can take both boys to ONE practice and ONE game! They had a great season on the Cardinals this summer. 

Levi is focused on getting to 1st base.

Great form, son!! Maybe I should put him in track :) 

Contact made... 

Because Colt was one of the older boys on the team, after the 1st inning (the game consists of 3 innings of all team members getting to hit), he would receive pitches from his coach instead of having to hit off the tee. This was great practice for him as he will move up to coach pitch next season. 

Hanging out on 2nd base. 

Tatum and Eliza had their own cheering section. 

Team pic! Coach Gabe lived a few doors down from us at our Lost Creek house, so the kids loved seeing him around the neighborhood. It seems their favorite memories of their season are the snacks after the games/practices and learning a Lady Gaga song at their teammate's birthday party.  They spent the whole summer singing a song about a "Saxon Lady" but we never informed them what the correct lyrics were ;) 

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