Friday, July 15, 2016

The rest of March

Colt went on a field trip to Inner Space Caverns. Here he is with some of the boys in his class. 

Levi's 1st grade class celebrate Dr. Suess day in full effect. 

Tatum's preschool class received a visit from the Fire Department!

We enjoyed seeing Ty's parents, my parents, Alethea, Emmitt and Axel, and Abbey for Levi's birthday weekend. We took the crew to Hippy Church at Maria's Taco Express on Sunday morning. Axel was too cute dancing to the gospel music! 

Sweet sisters! 

Tatum has been performing ballet in front of her doll audience in her room :) 

Tatum's best friend from preschool, Skyler. We sure will miss some of Tatum's preschool friends when they all go to different kindergartens next year!

Aunt Ashley came to visit over Spring Break! We went out for ice cream, then to the animal shelter to begin the first stages of looking for a new dog! Ty wants to get a new dog for Molly, who is fairly well behaved at this point, to train. 

For Christmas last year, our big gift to the kids was season passes to Sea World and Aquatica (the water park). This was our first time to go and we loved the shows! 

The carousel was also a hit!

Levi worked hard on his body project at school. Looks just like him, huh? 

Levi also got to bring the class pet home one last time. He decided to bring him to his baseball game, because Moby is a big fan. 

Colt's class is clowning around on Western day. We sure have loved this class! 

Tatum participated in ballet for the first time this spring. She loved it! We found a Christian dance studio that we figured would be a good place for her to learn about dance. It was a great experience for her to learn to honor the strong body that God gave her and to dance for His glory. 

Here she is as a flower in the Creation story. The ballet was the Gospel message. I thought it might come off as super cheesy, but it was actually very beautiful and moving. I was in tears during several scenes, namely one where the women of Israel were slaving and working hard lives, yet had so much hope that their Messiah would rescue them soon. Also a scene when Jesus healed the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years - she was so grateful and Jesus' humanity in that scene shone brightly.

Here is Tatum's tap routine as the rainbow at Noah's Ark. She was in the youngest age group and they were SO adorable! 

This is the final scene where all the ballerinas were worshipping at the cross. 

Post show hugs from Zoe.

And of course flowers from all of her family! Tatum was so excited about this show - she invited everyone! Nana, Bang Bang, Uncle Cody, Eliza, Grandad, Grandma, Alethea, Emmit and Axel and our friend Erica all came out to support her. 

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