Thursday, July 14, 2016

January 2016

We celebrated Dishman Xmas over New Years in Marble Falls. Uncle Cody was a trooper and took the kids on a walk around the golf course. 

Fun cousin time! 

Zoe is so silly! 

Love these kids! 

Colt wanted to set up a lemonade stand in our front yard, but it was a pretty chilly day and we didn't have any lemonade on hand, so we had a Hot Tea stand! I can't remember how much money he made, but I think it was around $20, which is great for our sleepy neighborhood! The little entrepreneur is at work again :)

Levi has really taken an interest in rock wall climbing. Our gym takes the kids to do this every once in a while and he always jumps at the chance. He's getting pretty fast! 

Tatum, Zoe and I drove to San Antonio to celebrate at Aunt Amy's baby shower. Harper Elizabeth is due in March! 

We visited Westover one Sunday for a great class on the history of the Churches of Christ by a visiting scholar. Then we went to lunch with the cousins! These kids are gonna go places, I'm telling you :) 

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