Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Christmas 2015

We hosted Ty's work Xmas party at our house again this year. Here's the whole crew! 

We had a White Elephant gift exchange. Selfie sticks were the most common gift. The funniest was a Putt Putt game you play on the potty... the Sit and Stroke. I got a Sonic gift card in a heavy box weighted with a rock :-/ Ty got a high powered flashlight that he used to take everyone on the Bee Tour... a tour of our bee infested tree and the story of how they exited the hive, then froze to death and fell from the tree into the grass. Super crazy and very true. 

We took a beautiful drive to Ty's cousin's wedding. It was so fun to get together with the Haire's (Steve's cousin is Linda) at Matt and Ann's wedding. 

One horrendously funny story from the day... Zoe disappeared for a few minutes. When she came back, she had red on her hand and mouth. Come to find out, she had put her hand INTO the GROOM's CAKE and eaten the frosting!!! It was totally noticeable (see it in the bottom left corner of the pictures?). Fortunately, this was a 2nd wedding for both, so they were probably more laid back than other brides/couples might be. They were super forgiving, even though as a mother, I was mortified. 

Livin' it up on the dance floor!

Best cousins!

This month was filled with fun Christmas parties, Advent devotions, traditions and friends and family. Ty went on a ski trip to Utah with some guys from church. Then he and I went to San Diego for a few days while my parents watched the kids. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone in a swimming pool in January and hadn't yet uploaded any pictures from my phone, so lost all of the beautiful images!! We went on a whale watching cruise, attended Wednesday night church at the church my Great Grandpa Wilber and Grandad John Dillman helped to begin, ate at some delicious restaurants, slept in, ran along the beach, watched a San Diego State basketball game vs. the Kansas Jayhawks, and watched the new Star Wars (Episode 7) that was just released. 

We also hosted Dillman Xmas. Zoe was excited to dig into her stocking!

Colt was so excited Xmas morning was FINALLY here :) 

A princess toothbrush for our princess.

Grant is checking which presents are his.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Alethea helping the kids with a new race car track. Oooh! 

Stephen is in 6th grade this year!! 

Alethea and my cutest nephew! 

Grant and Stephen are checking in with Andrew and Amy's dog, Rawly. 

Ty indulged Tatum as she used her new hair chalk on him. 

This month at school, Colt's class went on a field trip to the food bank. Each class had a contest to see who could raise the most donations to take with them. Colt really got excited about this contest and went around to every house on our street and many on the adjoining streets to hand out a flier he made that informed people he was raising money and would be willing to work for them to raise donations. He raised over $400 and tied for the top donation receiver with another little girl. It was very fun to watch Colt take the initiative and follow through with excitement and dedication. It was also a great way to meet our neighbors which is a really important value to our family. We are so proud of Colt! 


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