Thursday, July 14, 2016

February 2016

Levi wanted to have a Star Wars birthday when he turned 7, so we took some photos to put on his Evite. 

 May the Force Be with You

The boys also played basketball again this year. Last year we played the city league, but we accidentally missed the sign ups this year, so a league at their school (Upward) was gracious enough to add us last minute. They had great experiences and really learned a lot this year. 

Colt is really talented at basketball and will shoot for hours in the backyard. 

Tatum is really into selfies.

Levi had a Valentine's celebration at school and stuffed his face :)

Zoe LOVED being able to participate and talked about this event for weeks afterwards. 

Colt, while he doesn't complain about practicing the piano, prefers to create his own songs. This day however, he had perfected one of his practice songs and wanted to show it off. It really was beautiful!

At the bounce house one rainy day, a man brought lots of rodents and snakes to show the kids.

Zoe loves getting her hair cut! Her hair is so thin right now so it needed some cleaning up on those thin ends. 

This is Tatum's friend Kylee, from preschool. She came over to play one day.

Sisters love to play! 

And sometimes they whine too. 

Homeschool day... not really sure where Tatum was. Probably playing in her room.

Zoe all dressed up and ready to drive to Abilene.

We finally made it and she was able to play on the swing set in the backyard. We went for a quick trip to drop off clothes for us to resell at Dittos for Kiddos. It's kinda a lot of work though, especially with the driving, so I'm not sure I'll do it again. 

February also included year 3 of the IF:Gathering conference. This year our church hosted a livestream of the live conference. I was in charge of organizing a fair trade market for the women to shop at in between sessions. It was a fun, new experience for me and turned out really well. My big take away from this year's conference was that God cares about racial reconciliation and I am to gather women of various races to share their experiences and listen to those who might have a very different experience with life in America. 

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