Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A November to Remember

For the last several years, our family has run the Run for the Water on Halloween weekend. This year, the 3 older kids ran the Kids 1K and our friend Erica joined Ty for the 5K while I ran the 10 mile. 

Tatum running in her Elsa costume

Colt got 3rd place! 

Levi ran in his Jedi uniform.

Tatum begged to get her face painted after the race - this has been her new big obsession lately. 

Beautiful Butterfly

We also celebrated Ty's bday! The big 36!

The older 3 all played soccer, the boys for the first time.

Nana captured one of their Saturday games perfectly! 

We went to Marble Falls for Thanksgiving. We always love getting together out there! 

Nana decorated for Xmas before we got there! 

Picture time! 

Unfortunately, Hazel tripped and hit her head, so had to head off to the emergency room. Kinda shut down the fun on our weekend, but fortunately, she was just fine after a few days! 

Nana had the girls over for a girl's weekend! The girls loved dressing up like princesses and had a tea party!

In other family news, this fall the boys participated in Math Pentathlon. Levi had a real knack for it, but neither boy really enjoyed it, so we didn't go back for the Spring semester.  The boys also took piano lessons (they were never excited about the lessons, but also didn't complain. I love that they are learning how to read music!). 

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