Friday, December 23, 2011

Take Me Out to the Tball Game

This fall Colt played in his first season of t-ball. I was a little bit against putting him in organized sports at such a young age, but he had been asking to play and loves to play baseball around the house, so we went ahead and signed him up. 

Colt learned some things this season mostly about the way the game is structured (the direction of first base, where to stand in the outfield, how to step and throw, how to step and hit, etc.) He was really cute when running the bases - he'd jog really slow for some reason, then when he got to each base, he'd stop, bend down and draw/play in the dirt. 

His coach's name was Karras (in the red shirt above), pronounced just like Charis. How crazy is that!? I think it confused Colt a little bit at first. Whenever people would ask what team he was on, he'd say "Coach Karras." We had to teach him that this season he was a Cubbie. 

I took this picture simply to show the number of parents out on the field each inning. Our team seemed to always have more parents on the field than the team we were playing, but I guess it's a good thing that everyone was so involved! 

When Ty or I weren't out on the field, we would be with the other 2 kids. Tatum loves hanging out with her Daddy!

Tatum Loves throwing a baseball! She's pretty good too :)

Tatum is such a Daddy's Girl that she would see him in the outfield with Colt and start screaming at the top of her lungs for him. Ty was a good sport and would bring her on the field with him. 

Levi monkeying around trying to watch his brother play first base. First base, by the way, was Colt's all-time favorite position to play. He loved that his teammates threw him the ball each play. When he didn't play a position where the ball came frequently, he would get pretty upset that he didn't get to catch or throw the ball. His coach put a good spin on that and said it was good that he had such a desire to be involved in the game. 

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