Thursday, December 22, 2011


I win the award for the biggest slacker mom in November! It started off when I accidentally deleted our Halloween photos off my camera before downloading them. And apparently these are the only pictures I took of my kids the entire month of November!! I had a few photo shoots that kept me busy and a trip to Chicago, so I guess documenting our lives went by the wayside.    

Here are the kids on the train they created. The boys are really into trains and enjoy making pretend ones out of ALL the pillows in our bedroom lined up on the living room floor, plus ALL of the couch cushions, plus ice chests, toys and whatever else they can imagine! 

Levi enjoys pulling down his bottom eyelids to reveal the nerves in his eyeballs. The kids laugh and laugh when he does it. Boys. 

Also in November, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Dishman side of the family in Marble Falls. It was fun getting together with everyone, lots of good food (with a few vegan options this year for Chez!), a round of golf for Ty and his brothers and fun shopping on Black Friday with the girls! We are loving that we live less than an hour away so we can come back home to sleep in our cozy beds (and I can get up early to hit the Black Friday sales in Austin) before heading back out to Marble Falls on Friday, although this does mean we miss out on Uncle Doug's big breakfast. The kids loved feeding the deer with Nana, playing golf and playing football with their uncles while at the lake this year. 
 We have so much to be Thankful for! 

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