Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow day!

It also snowed during February, but since that's such a novelty here in Central Texas, I thought it warranted its own post.
Colt was SO excited to discover it had snowed when he woke up. He immediately got dressed to go outside. Levi wasn't all about the snow though, and chose to watch from the warmth of the house. Colt played for a bit, then we went inside for breakfast after he got too cold. After breakfast, Levi still wasn't interested in going outside. As Colt and I were outside playing, Levi eventually emerged from the house dressed like this...
He is potty training, so was running round the house with his pants off.
He soon discovered the snow was LOTS of fun, so we went inside and got him properly dressed.
Tatum meanwhile stayed toasty warm inside! 

 Warming up by the fire...
 Snow down the back of the sweater is really cold. 

 We didn't have any gloves (and every store I tried to buy them from was sold out!), so we used socks on our hands instead. We loved playing in the snow this morning. By the afternoon, most of it had melted away, but we'll cherish these memories till next time! 

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