Monday, March 21, 2011

Our intro to ShowBiz

It's been over a year ago, but Levi was filmed for a commercial. Since that's blog-worthy around our house, I thought it was about time to mention it. A friend from church is a producer and was filming a commercial for a new baby skin care company. He needed babies in Levi's age range, so we volunteered. I'm always up for exposing my kids to new opportunities, even at 10 months of age! 

The premise of the commercial was that most skin care products have toxic chemicals in them, but this new company has all natural and organic ingredients. Levi was with his friend, Skylyn, in the bathtub scene. They played with toys and soapy bubbles and had lots of fun! 

Levi had a chemical symbol drawn on him, since he was being washed with "toxic" soap in the bathtub.

Here's the little cutie! 

It turned out that the commercial was never released in full form because some big dogs in the  skincare arena were upset that the bottles used in the commercial looked very similar to theirs. Litigation always ties things up. Fortunately, we were given a copy on DVD for our family to look at, and for Levi to watch one day. He really was a natural! He kept walking to the front of the bathtub and would flirt with the camera :) It was a really fun experience, and I think I was pretty laid back as the mom of the superstar. 

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