Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In more birthday news...

We also had a big birthday bash for Levi and his friend Will (who's 12 days older) at the church gym. It was a great place for a bunch of 2 year olds to run around and play while the parents could hang out and visit. 
I love this picture because Levi was having trouble blowing out his candle from so far away, and all the kids (and I) were making mouth-blowing faces to help him out. 
My Dad and Jennifer drove in from Abilene for the party.

Nana and Bang Bang also came! Their first picture with all FOUR of their grandkids :) 
Aunt Chez and Eliza were celebrating in style. 
These are a few pictures I took of Tatum at 4 months. She's a real sweetheart!! Such a content and laid back baby. She's also a big girl- 95% for height and 90% for weight. 
I thought I'd try to get some portrait type pictures of Levi for his 2nd birthday, but, since he's 2, that was pretty much out of the question. 
You'll have to settle for these instead :) I think I like them better because they show his spunky personality. Notice the four CandyLand men in his right hand. He takes them out of the game box daily and carries them around. 
Sometimes he wants things his own way. Imagine that. 
Do we have a lefty on our hands? 


Jana Green said...

This is so crazy. I used to work with Patty Dishman at FBBA and I babysat for Jennifer (used to be Ham). She and my mom worked in the same office at ACU for 10 or twelve years.

Jana Green said...

AND, I had your dad at ACU..... wow. Small world.

Charis said...

Wow! That IS pretty amazing. I'll have to share those connections with them :)