Sunday, March 13, 2011

March (Birthday) Madness!

March is a month full of birthdays around our house! Levi, Nana, myself, Aunt Alethea, future Aunt Amy, and cousins Stephen and Grant all share aquamarine as their gemstone color (yeah, that's random. I know). 
Levi has been WAY into Mickey Mouse lately, so we threw him a Mickey party, done right. 
Donald's Cheese and Quackers
Minnie's Fruit Pop Garden
Mickey's Garden Veggies

We also had Pluto's Hot Dogs and Goofy's Chocolate Milk. Levi makes us sing the "Hot Dog" song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show at naptime and bedtime, as well as the theme song from the show. He loves to name all of the characters on the show, so this was the perfect birthday dinner for him. 
And what party is complete without a Mickey cake? Not Levi's, that for sure!
Daddy sporting his Mickey Mouse party hat, and who is that.... Minnie Mouse?!
Oh, that's just Tatum. She does make a cute Minnie Mouse!
Colt proceeded to open all of Levi's presents. Levi didn't seem to mind though - he just wanted to play with each gift after Colt opened them up. 
Messy boy! I'm pretty sure he didn't get this messy on his first birthday! 
We love you, Levi! You bring so much joy into our lives! 


Jesse Petersen (CF Fatboy) said...

Great post! We miss you guys. He's sure growing up fast.

Chez said...

That last picture is a framer for sure - so sweet!

That Mickey cake is amazing - great job Charis!!