Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One month tomorrow!

I can't believe that Colt is one month old tomorrow! The time has flown by. Despite feeling somewhat tired from time to time, it has been a great month. I've enjoyed spending time with Ty's mom, dad, and brother and my mom. This week, my dad, stepmom, brother, sister, and step sisters arrived, but now they are at Disney World for a few days and will be back here to see us for the weekend. Gotta say I'm jealous that I can't tag along at Disney!

We had our first outing to church and Ty and I took Colt to his first movie (License to Wed). Colt did really good at both events. He just started fussing at one point in the movie and had to leave (then he proceeded to spit up all over his dad) and he did great at church. The sermon was about "Do not worry" but the whole time I was worried about Colt crying in the middle of the sermon. Some lady's cell phone went off twice (during the scripture reading and the guy had to start over on reading it) so I wouldn't have felt too badly if Colt did start fussing. But I do think that next week I'll put Colt in the nursery. I was kinda worried about him catching germs from the other kids, but there were only 4 other kids in the nursery and 3 volunteers, so he probably wouldn't have been interacting with the other kids much.

I only have a few pics to post, b/c my family took most of the pictures with their cameras, which they now have with them at Disney World. I'll download the pics when they get back.

Aunt Abbey (age 10) decided to fix Ty's hair. What a good sport!

Colt has more hair than Uncle Andrew!

Dr. Marston: The doctor who delivered Colt


Jesse Petersen said...

Someone's cell phone?! I want names! For shame!

Happy one month today, Colt.

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

crazy to think it's already been one month! doesn't it go by so fast? I can't wait to meet the little guy.

annalee said...

what a cute baby!