Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bang Bang

What goes into the naming of a grandparent?? Some names come by grandparent choice, others passed down from previous generations, some children assign names to the grandparent, and still others come by divine inspiration. In our case, the name came from our favorite dish at a seafood restaurant. When Ty's parents and Dusty were in town for Colt's birth, we recommended they eat at the Bonefish Grill and try our favorite appetizer, the Bang Bang shrimp. The next day at the hospital, Steve announced that he had discovered a better middle name for Colt than boring David. He thought Colt's middle name should be Bang Bang! He kept pushing the name Bang Bang, but Ty said, "Dad, we aren't going to call our son Bang Bang, but we'll call you that." Steve thought for a minute. "Perfect!" he exclaimed. He loved that the name is unique, out there, on the edge. It also has a baseball connotation of a "bang, bang double play." After 9 long, agonizing months of trying to come up with a grandparent name (we've been through PaPaw, Coach, and BooRod to name a few), we had arrived at the perfect name. Here's to you, Bang Bang!
This is what I do all day... sit around gazing at my son :)

Colt during bath time. It's his favorite time of the day!

My mom is still in town, spoiling me rotten. I think my recovery is going so well because she hardly lets me get off the couch! She waits on me hand and foot and is showing me a real example of a servant heart. I love you mom!
Granny Rae and Colt


The Houston's said...

I think Bang Bang is perfect!!!!!!!

Chez said...

Bang Bang... hmm, it's going to take some getting used to. Though Steve is super pumped about it. We just need to be careful not to use it too recklessly in public, since it sounds a little bit dirty. :)

Irma and Koby said...

So glad to hear that you are recovering nicely. I agree with you, mom's are a godsend. My mom was a huge help when we moved into our house and I know she will be wonderful when the baby gets here!

hejlyeah said...

I love Bang Bang! That's hilarious, and I'm sure very "Steve." You guys look like everything going awesomely!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...What are you two doing at home that makes Bang Bang sound dirty?


Jesse Petersen said...


I nearly fell out of my chair, Ty. Good thing this is an executive chair with armrests.

campers said...

I know I would do the same thing all day...sit around and stare at him! I love the name Bang Bang! THat is great!