Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First MLB game!

Colt's first Devil Ray's game!
I love the tush on this outfit!
Alethea and Abbey are scared of the gators... aah!

Alethea, Abbey, and Ashley with Colt (my sister and step-sisters... aka the girls)

My brother, Andrew, always told me I was adopted because my name started with a C and now that my dad got remarried, I'm still the only kid whose name doesn't start with A!

Grandad and Grandma
Aunt Alethea and Colt... he's a squirmy little booger!

Colt has baby acne... a preview of what he'll look like in his teen years??

This week Colt went to his first major league baseball game. While the Devil Rays lost to the Tigers (3-1), we had fantastic seats for free right behind home plate (thanks to our friend Nick) and had a great time! Ty even caught a Raymond doll (the Devil Rays mascot) that was being thrown out for Colt. It was amazing to me that despite the loud noise, Colt slept through pretty much the whole game, just waking up to eat. Eating, by the way, was quite a challenge in such little seats! My mom made me this nursing cover that I used, but I definitely think it would be great for the stadium to have a room for nursing mothers!! We saw several infants there, so I know the room would be used. And they have a nursing room for the player's wives, just not for us ordinary folk. :(

My family left yesterday for Abilene. We had a great time while they were here. They came for a few days, then went to Disney World, then came back. They went to the beach, aquarium, and we went putt-putting. And there was lots of baby holding involved in their itinerary. It was fun spending time with them and I'm sad they had to go home! After having both of my parents here, I am reminded how my interactions with Colt are influenced by them in my life. I hear my mom and dad in many of the things I say to Colt or voice inflections or phrases, etc :) Kinda crazy!!

Colt had his one month check up. He weighed 10 lbs 5 oz and has grown to 22 inches!


campers said...

I love the tush on that outfit too! Way cute! I loved seeing pics of your family! Alethea looks so grown up! :~)

Jesse Petersen said...

Inquiring minds... okay, nosy... want to know: which one is your sister and which two are your step-sisters.

We can't tell to save your lives. :)

Charis said...

My sister is the one with the blonde, 80s inspired hair do. She always has been more daring than me, and I love that about her! My step sisters are the other two. Abbey just turned 10 (a big 5th grader on campus) and Ashley is going to be a freshman at ACU in the fall.

Chez said...

Alethea's hair is rockin!

I can't wait to come meet my nephew - just over a week!

Love you guys!

kate m. said...

The tush on that outfit is so cute! It looks like the first baseball outing was a success! Nursing at such an event would probably not be fun. Glad you had fun with the family, too! Colt is such a cutie!

kate m. said...

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