Monday, November 23, 2015

More of May

May was so busy that it requires two blog posts :) 
I decided recently to let the girls play with my wedding dress every year on our anniversary so this was the first year of that. I figure, I'm not going to wear the dress again, so they might as well have some fun with it! 
Zoe claimed the veil.

While Tatum enjoyed the dress! 

The thing was so big on her I had to clamp it together in the back! 

She had so much fun dressing up for a few minutes before Ty and I left on our anniversary date. 

Ty has been taking the kids to Friday lunch the last few months. They love this time with their dad on Fridays!! He makes a point to ask them relevant questions and engage them in conversation. He's such a great dad!  

This particular week they went to Sonic and got Superman glasses in their Kid's Meal :) 

When we were in Abilene for Abbey's graduation, I went for one last run at the ACU track. I spent countless hours here as a kid, high schooler and in college and have many memories here. ACU recently built a new (purple!) track and has demolished this one to make space for a new football stadium :( 

This is Tatum with her favorite preschool teacher, Miss Kelley. 

May is full of end of the year programs. Levi graduated from Kindergarten! 

Here is his kindergarten class with Mrs. Windham.

Levi had the most awesome Kinder teacher we could have asked for! 

Colt had field day. His teacher, Mrs. Cowan, came back from maternity leave to cheer on her kiddos. 

Colt was really good at the events and definitely helped his team to win a few of the games. 

Levi and the Kindergarteners sang a song at the end of year assembly.

We have had a bee hive in one of our front trees since we moved in the house almost 2 years ago. Since bees are beneficial to the environment but bee-ing killed at alarming rates, we never did anything about them. Until they started stinging Ty when he would mow the grass. We contacted a bee specialist who put this box into the tree to capture and rehome the bees. The box will stay in the tree for 3-4 weeks, then they will remove the box and take it elsewhere to give the bees a new home. He's guessing we have 100,000 bees in our hive. 

The fam came into town. It was fun to be all together (some folks had left by this point on Sunday). We love family time! 

We also took a trip to the Austin Botanical Gardens with some friends from school. 

I love these pictures of Tatum. She is just looking so grown up!! (Insert tears)

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