Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So the bee removal box sat in our tree for less than a week. We had some major Memorial Day storms/floods that knocked the box out of the tree and shattered it. The bees all flew back to the tree, but were blocked out by a device installed on the tree, so gathered together in a huge bulge next to their hole. We called Austin Bee Rescue back out to assess the situation. Now that all of the bees were outside the hive in plain site on the side of the tree, they estimated we had 400,000 bees in our hive!! They brought a vacuum and sucked all the bees back into a new box to remove them. 

We enjoyed a front porch viewing.

Some of the bees had actually relocated to a different tree, so he vacuumed those out as well. Unfortunately, since then, more bees have relocated to a 3rd hole back in the original tree. They are higher up the tree and haven't bothered anyone so far and hopefully that will remain so! 

Here are some pictures from the Circle C swim meet. 

Levi was chosen to be on the relay for his age group. 

Guess we gotta teach this kid to dive ;) He also swam the freestyle and breaststroke.

Colt swam the freestyle and breaststroke. 

Happy swimmer

Colt was among the bottom of his age group every race, but that didn't stop him. He had fun and showed improvement over the season!

The Fantastic Four
Zoe always wants to do what the other kids are doing... even wearing a swim cap around the house. 

Love this guy! 

My friend Erica invited me to a show downtown with her. We listened to radio personality, Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots. 

It was so fun to hang out! 

Here we are after the show. Bobby is in the middle and Carlos is on the right. Can't remember the girl's name on the left. She's an artist out of Nashville that they brought with them. This was a fundraiser for the Memorial Day flood victims. 

Levi won his heat! 

The rest of us hanging out at swim practice. 

Levi lost his first tooth at a swim meet! 

Tatum showing off at Uncle Dusty's graduation from Law Enforcement school. He is now a Sherriff's Deputy!                                                   

I love that these kids still love the Jeep! It's perfect for summer fun :) 

Jaclyn is going to have a baby! 

We enjoyed a trip to San Antonio to celebrate the soon to arrive Leighton with the Hutchins family! 

Dusty graduated from the police academy, so we made a trip to Sugar Land to watch his graduation! 

We had a pre-ceremony dinner with Aunt Benny (Steve's sister). Tatum had been asking to see her for a long time and was super excited to sit by her during dinner. 

Even Ed and Linda Haire (Steve's cousin is Linda) came to cheer Dusty on! It was great to see Ty's extended family. We are so proud of Dusty and his hard work! We look forward to seeing him serve the people of Houston :) 

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