Tuesday, November 24, 2015


July is one of our favorite months of the year because it is Colt's birthday!! Can't believe he turned 8 this year. We had a water party at the house and he requested Oreo cake. 

Colt and I were searching on Pinterest for some water games to play at his party (we had balloon launchers and water guns) and we saw this Dunk Bucket. Instead of a dunk tank, when the target is hit, the hanging bucket will dump water all over the person sitting beneath it. So we went to Lowe's and got the material and began building! We actually made 2 of them so you can sit under each one and throw at the person across from you so you aren't just a sitting duck. Hopefully we will have fun with these for years to come! 

July also means lake trips! Captain Ty with his crewmate Zoe.

Uncle Cody, Eliza, Tatum and Colt

Aunt Chez, Hazel and Levi 

Erica joined us for the day!

Girl's trip 

July 4th brings the Blue Lake golf cart parade. Nana is so excited that she lives there now so she can participate with her grandchildren, just like her mother did! 

The kids had so much fun decorating the golf cart and dressing up in their matching outfits :)

Colt loves feeding the deer in the evenings.

And, of course, fishing is always fun at Nana's too. 

Fun with cereal. Nana lets him play with his food ;)

The kids went to one day camp this summer called Fit Kid Camp. It was a fun week of learning about how to make their bodies healthy through exercise and nutrition. The best part was that it was led by Tatum's favorite preschool friend's mom! This picture is from Crazy Sock day... Colt won out of all the campers.

Crazy hair day

At home Colt insisted I fix his hair this crazy. Then when we showed up at camp, he began to hide because he was embarrassed about it! 

Tatum really wanted to win Crazy Hair day. She had 1/3 curls, 1/3 pony tail and 1/3 braids with beads at the end. All morning she kept saying, "I'm gonna win! I'm gonna win!" I was really hoping she wouldn't be disappointed. Well, turns out... she won! Whew ;) 

Zoe chillin' in the car. We are getting really close to taking her pacifier away at the end of this month. Thought I'd take a farewell picture :)
My Uncle Mark, Aunt Halley and Cousin Sarah and her whole family finally came back to visit us in Texas!! We all met up at Ninfa's in Waco for a long lunch. It was SO great to see them again! Maybe next time we can take a trip to visit them in sunny Florida!! :) 

 We hadn't seen Dad and Jennifer this month, so they brought Colt's bday gifts with them. Thanks for spoiling Colt with love and gifts! 

Cooling down with ice cream!

Our care group when Putt-Putting, then ate at P. Terry's. Then a few of us went to hear Rob Bell at the Paramount. Fun night!

Cutie pie! 

Tatum sunscreen selfie

We went to the lake with the Beards, Campbells and Mullens. Love hanging out with friends. Scout brought her face paints and treated the girls. This was officially the beginning of Tatum's new obsession with face painting. Thanks, Scout. 

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