Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It sure was hot in August this year. So hot that our indoor play turned into some serious shenanigans in the Dishman household. One night, when Ty was out of town, the boys were supposed to be asleep in their room. We play them audio stories on a CD at night and that was the only noise I heard coming from their room. About 10pm, they come out and ask for a towel to clean up some water they spilled. I went in their room with them and the carpet was SOAKED! Apparently, they were trying to wash their Hot Wheels cars and were pouring water over them on the carpet. They said they probably poured 50-80 cups of water each. Needless to say, the carpet in their bathroom nook was ruined (whose idea was it to put carpet in a bathroom area anyways?!). I rolled the carpet and pad from their actual room back and think I was able to save it. The cement underneath the whole area was soaked and I made them give me their whole allowance to pay for the damage. Currently we have just the cement exposed but will probably put tile down soon.

On a positive note, while I was at Whole Foods one day, I picked up this sweet potato side dish from the prepared meals section. It was like $8 or something crazy for a sweet potato, so I put it back and headed for the checkout. A store employee saw me do that, picked it up and followed me to the checkout, asked me if why I didn't buy it was because of the price (to which I said yes) and gave it to me for free. Yet another reason why I love WF! 

Ah, this sweetie!! 

Yum, Pizza! 

I took the boys to the trail to ride bikes one day while the girls had a sleepover with Nana. 

We had a blast and it was really fun to do some "big kid" activities without the younger ones slowing us down or needing to go home for a nap. 

Our awesome neighbors invited all 4 kids over to decorate cupcakes! 

We went to the Zilker Summer Musical, Hairspray. I hadn't thought that the themes may be a bit mature for the boys, but I think most of the inappropriate comments went over their heads. Next summer is Shrek, so I think we will be safe there! 

We also went to the movies with friends... had to end our summer with lots of fun activities. 

First day of school!! 

Levi's 1st grade teacher this year is Mrs. Bomar.

Colt's 2nd grade teacher is Mrs. Thompson. 

We love Veritas Academy! 

The girls were excited to pick up their brothers after their first day of school. 

Ty and I attended the Paidea Prom, an event put on by the kid's school.

We also attended a fundraising event for the Gazelle Foundation which builds wells in Burundi. I ran track and cross county with Gilbert in college. It's always a privilege to support him and the Foundation.

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