Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adding another boy to the family!

On the night of August 1st, my sister called saying she was in labor. It was such an exciting night that I had trouble sleeping! My dad and Jennifer had been at our house watching the kids all week as I had been at Family Education Week for Colt's school, so conveniently the 3 of us woke up early the next morning and drove to Houston. Alethea had asked me to be her doula for the birth and I was honored to be a part of her experience. We couldn't get there soon enough! 

Prior to this day, I had always wondered how nurses and midwives could be a part of so many labors. I mean, this is the likely the most painful day of a woman's life. I just couldn't imagine being around so much pain all day, every day. As you can guess, the experience of my sister's labor has totally changed my opinion of their jobs and I can see the reward of this type of career. To watch my sister and her husband work together was a thing of beauty. Emmitt supported her, encouraged her, loved her, soothed her, worried for her, coached her, prayed for her, and cheered her on. To watch the depth of their love for one another and their teamwork during this daunting task (did I mention Alethea labored for 18!! hours?) tells me they are definitely up for parenting the cute little face in the pictures to follow. 

Introducing Axel Ezra Savannah 

This little baby melts so many hearts! 

God has big plans for this one!

Sleep tight little one. Aunt Charis loves you! 

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