Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colt's first day of Kinder

To continue our summer of 2013, we decided to move into our new house in Austin before the work was completed because… our oldest son was entering Kindergarten!! Wow, where does the time go? We didn't want to drive an hour plus each way to and from school each week, so braved the construction (all the bedrooms and bathrooms were livable as we didn't do any remodeling to them) and moved back to Austin. Here is our kitchen on the morning Colt started school: 

Notice we have no fridge, sink, oven, microwave, stove, dishwasher. We ate out for 8 days straight :(

Actually, our fridge was in the garage, so Colt had some Cheerios and milk for breakfast on his first day of school and had to eat it on the back porch. Great way to encourage a kid as he launches his educational career, eh? 

My mom was in town for this big day. She actually stayed for a week and watched the kids while I unpacked and figured out how to homeschool Colt on the days he is at home. This was the most productive week I've had since we moved into the house. Thanks, Mom, for coming! 

Colt, I remember when you were as little as Zoe, and now look how big and handsome you are! 

Pushing your sister from the parking lot to your school. You were very nervous but held your head high and didn't drag your feet. 

Colt's class all lined up and ready to head to chapel. You are the tallest one at the back of the line. 

Big man on Campus

I love how you can be so serious...

...and so silly.

Apparently lunch time is only 20 minutes, so Colt didn't finish his lunch. After I picked him up, he unpacked his lunch and finished it for a snack. He was excited to have finished his first day at school.

When we got home, we received a special delivery from Nana and Bang Bang! An edible housewarming gift. 

It was the perfect treat to end a special day! Thanks guys! 

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