Saturday, November 3, 2012

More random goings on

Basically I'm playing catch up if you haven't noticed. Here are some pics that I like that I've never posted. 
Tatum in August

Levi last week at the Run for the Water, our favorite Austin road race put on by my former ACU teammate Gilbert Tuhabonye. He's a former Olympian and genocide survivor (check out his book This Voice in My Heart) who now coaches running groups and builds wells in his native country in Burundi through his charity. There is a kids 1K that the kids ran with much excitement this year. 

Some of our huddle girls sprucing up our huddle room for their big SENIOR year! It's hard to believe this is our 4th year with this group of kids. We love them so much and have enjoyed seeing them grow up these last few years. This year they will share their Senior Stories (or life story/testimony) with the group and I'm really enjoying it so far.  
The boys began karate in September. Here they are receiving their belts. 

Ty is teaching the boys some more karate. They are hilarious to watch (especially Levi b/c he isn't super coordinated at age 3). Their jumping jacks could use some work and their push ups look more like butt-ups. Their lessons are always good for several chuckles from the parent's section each week. 

Pre hair cut

Post hair cut

Where is Colt?

Oh, there he is! The kids have been loving this game and we will play for what seems like hours. 

Rain, rain... Gotta love a little boy and a big umbrella!

Our small group participated in an apartment make-over event for some deserving individuals who are trying to get a new start in life. It was truly an amazing day to see how excited and thankful our recipient was when he walked into his new apartment. He actually jumped on his new bed in excitement b/c prior he had been sleeping on a couch. And he kept touching his tv and computer b/c he'd never had anything that nice before. It was a very humbling experience. This picture actually isn't from the apartment we did, but I thought it was cool b/c they used all recycled materials to make this cool wall art.

Tatum is a monkey. She LOVES to swing from anything she can, even the foot of the recliner when it's extended. Weird. 

Ok, like I said, this post was completely random. No rhyme or reason whatsoever. Just a few things I want to remember down the road. Peace! 

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