Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

from our Tinkerbell, Optimus Prime and Spiderman

Levi has wanted to be Spiderman since after last Halloween, so he has been wearing his costume non-stop this whole week. He is so excited to finally have his Spiderman costume. 

Tatum and Daddy. She refused to wear the Tinkerbell wings, which probably made carrying her much easer on Ty. 

This is the kids favorite house every year. They have an inflatable house to walk through, followed by a "Wheel of Fortune." This year the boys landed on "Brain Food" aka Smarties. And Tatum landed on "Cold Hard Cash" which we think was frozen coins, but they gave her some candy instead since she kept saying "andy."

We had fun trick or treating this year. Got to meet a few new neighbors and catch up with others. We didn't have many kids come to our house this year which disappointed the boys. They love handing out candy to the "customers." Levi kept yelling out the door to kids across the street to come to our house because we have plenty of candy. 

This year, we are trying a new approach to all the candy. We let each kid choose 5 pieces of candy to keep, 3 of which they got to eat after trick or treating. They will get 2 pieces the next day. Then we will take the rest to a local dentist who will pay the kids for their uneaten candy. 

And the baby wanted to say hello too :) 

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