Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Tatum!

Our little girl isn't quite so little anymore!

Yep, she's getting "SO Big!"

Tatum loves to do jump off pretty much anything. She wants to do ANYthing her brothers do, even if she's way too small/uncoordinated to attempt it. 

Tatum is definitely in a "I do it!" stage where she wants to be Miss Independent. She wants to put on her own pull-ups, clothes, get her own water out of the fridge dispenser, spoon out of the drawer, put on her own seatbelt, and the list could go on. While it frustrates us to no end when we are in a hurry, we know that in the (hopefully) shortrun, her independence will teach her some new skills that will bring us to an easier place eventually.

Miss Brown Eyes has really started to love baby dolls lately. She'll push them in her stroller and feed them and give them kisses. She also LOVES books, coloring, stickers, swinging and knocking over towers after her brothers build them. She loves dogs from a distance, but they intimidate her close up. 

She has a spunky personality that we love and is very polite. She says excuse me and thank you without being prompted and is fairly easy to discipline. We just have to ask her if she wants the corresponding consequence to her actions and she will say "no" and stop the behavior. This is completely different than her brothers! She mostly says one or two words at a time (not many sentences), and expects you to draw the conclusion from those two words, but is pretty good at communicating via this method. 

Tatum Grace, you bring so much joy to this family! We can't imagine life without your hugs and kisses, without your stubborn independence and without your fun personality. You brighten the lives of all those you encounter during the course of the day. We pray that God will continue to use you to shine light in the darkness and that your self-directedness will eventually keep you from following the crowd and instead lead them in the way everlasting.  We love you to pieces! 
Love, Mom

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