Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iPhone upload Part 3

So, Ty has lots of pics on his phone as well. Thought it would be good to include some on the blog.
This is an old one, but here is Ty and his first deer. His boss took them hunting last year. I think the head is now hanging in his office. 

Quite the transportation set up

When we were in Germany, we attended an Anglican church. They really included the children in the worship. Here are Colt and Levi showing off something. 

The fire station close to our house had a kids weekend with bouncy houses, hot dogs and a live demonstration of a rescue using the jaws of life. Super interesting to watch. 

Here we are at the Run for the Water. This is my favorite race in Austin! I was volunteering this year since I'm pregnant, but the kids came to run the Kids K in their Halloween costumes. 

Cousins Grant and Stephen came to visit. Fun times at the park!

And, Cousin Eliza spent the night with us while Chez and Cody were on their huddle retreat. Tatum looks like she was focused on getting Eliza to Bible class on time the next morning! 

Here are the boys with Ryan toward the end of his run!

Thanksgiving in Marble Falls! The Texans game was all the rage this year.

Our life. My favorite 4 people! 

Fishing fun

This picture was from tonight. We are in the waiting area of Levi's favorite restaurant, Tres Amigos. Levi was dressed as a spy, in his favorite Wreck It Ralph shirt. Colt brought along several paintings he made (with paints sent from grandma yesterday). He kept waiting for people to walk by so they would see his pictures. He wanted to sell them, but was too shy to tell people that, so he ended up giving them away to random people. In the car, he kept holding them up to the window so all the cars driving by could also see :) Ah, a fun night in the Dishman family. 

These pics are super old, but were on Ty's phone, and are super cute! Colt is such a baby in these! Hard to believe he'll be 6 this summer. 

My favorite. 

Well, that's all the pictures for now. It's pretty good recap of our last several months. Maybe I'll get back in the habit before the baby arrives in April! 

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