Sunday, January 27, 2013

iPhone upload Part 2

While in Marble Falls escaping the pain fumes, we hit up the Marble Falls Trail of Lights. It was a really small trail of lights, compared to the Austin one which we did a week later, so I'm really glad we did this one first or the the kids may have been really disappointed! 


We went to the Austin Trail of Lights with several friends from our care group. Here's Levi, Jonah and Piper on the bus over. 

Colt has always had a fascination with school buses and was beyond excited to finally get to ride on a school bus (this is how they bused us to the Trail). 

Levi and I at the entrance. 

Ty and I enjoying the lights! 

Our gingerbread house

Wiggin out

Saw this sign in a bathroom stall. It's the only place we buy eggs from. I just love Austin and that so many restaurants take the extra time to provide quality food to their patrons! 

The kids have been watching Peppa the Pig alot. She loves to jump in muddy puddles. When it finally rained around here, they begged to go out and play in the puddles too. I think it was like 35 degrees outside this day, but that didn't stop them!

We went to a birthday party at Little Buckaroo Ranch. The kids loved riding the pony! 

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant! 

We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I have such great memories of this from my own childhood and wanted my kids to experience it too. They've never really seen a basketball game before, and I think this was a great introduction because of all the comedy sketches they do in between the "game." 

The kids set up a "picnic" in the backyard with all their pretend food. Thought it was cute, although I did find plastic food in the yard for a week or two after :) Levi, by the way, is in love with this red coat he's wearing. He wears it even when its 70 degrees outside. Good news is... the coat is size 5T, so he'll be able to wear it next winter too! 

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