Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tatum's Baby Shower

So I know you are all wanting an update from Tatum's birth, but in an effort to keep this blog chronological (so I can print it into a book in the future), I'm going to do a few short posts from our pre-Tatum lives. Just hold your horses - plenty of Tatum is soon to come :)

A few weeks ago, several friends threw Tatum and I a baby shower at Chez Zee restaurant. It was a Monday night Girl's Night type event, which I absolutely LOVE. It's always nice to get together with other women to relax and celebrate! I felt absolutely blessed by the friendship and love expressed that evening. Thanks again to everyone for showering us with lots of girly things. Your friendship is so precious to me.

 The hostesses and me
 All the pregnant mamas
The proud Nana-to-be with her two future granddaughters. I am SO excited that Tatum will have a cousin (and a girl at that!) so close in age to play with. Let the good times roll!

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