Monday, October 4, 2010

Life at our house

 Here are some pictures I snapped over the last week: 
 I thought it was cute how the boys both sat on the ottoman to watch the new season of Sesame Street one day. We've had some sickness around our house, which always increases television viewing. 
We had French doors installed where our sliding glass patio doors were, and the boys were so excited to watch all the action. I finally set up a chair in the yard so they could watch, but not be in the way. 

My little monkeys. 
Colt loves to have his picture taken, then look at it in the LCD screen afterwards. 

I tried again to take Levi's ACU Today picture, but he got his hands on a snack prior to picture time and got food all over his shirt! Plus, the shadows were bad at this time of day. Hopefully the third time will be a charm! 

Besides just monkeying around, I've been dragging the kids to doctor's appointments. Levi had a surprise appt on Monday - we were driving to a playdate when he started coughing and turning blue. I was really close to our pediatrician's office, so swung in there and they gave him a breathing treatment. Kinda scary! I've been going to a chiropractor - Tatum was transverse, but is now head down. However, after having two posterior babies, I'm willing to try anything to get Tatum in the correct delivery position! Also, I'm on weekly OB appointments, so the kids are getting to know waiting rooms and doctors really well these days! 


Kim P. said...

I've been wanting to replace our patio sliding doors with French doors too. You'll have to fill me in on all the details sometime. Can't wait to meet Tatum soon! Sorry to miss the baby shower.

Chez said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the doors! I bet it totally changed the look of your living room! And I didn't know Tatum was transverse, but I'm so glad she's not anymore! Hopefully this labor will be a breeze, at least compared to the other two!

Anonymous said...

Awesome that the chiropractor visits helped her turn! Yay! So excited to see what see looks like compared to your boys.