Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our little pumpkin

 We took a trip to the Tarrytown United Methodist pumpkin patch over the weekend. The boys had fun looking at the pumpkins, although Levi was not up for getting his picture made.  I had the crazy idea to paint my stomach as a pumpkin to get some fun pictures. However, I couldn't find orange face paint, so I just used orange finger paints we had at home. I haven't had time to photoshop the pumpkin to make it look better, so for the foreseeable future, it will remain as is :)

 I love this time of year! It's such a fun time to celebrate God's provision in our lives. Look at this wonderful family He's blessed me with! 

We've been talking a lot with the boys about what it's going to be like when Tatum arrives. Levi doesn't seem to have a clue whats about to happen. He always looks confused when we point at my stomach and talk about a baby. He will sign baby when we talk about babies or see one out and about.

Colt, on the other hand, seems excited for Tatum to arrive. He knows that he's about to give his bed to her (the convertible crib) and says that she's not going to cry. We definitely had to clear that misconception up! He likes to come to my belly and kiss it or say "Hi, Baby Tatum!" 

 I should mention that Nana took most of these pictures. Thank you! 

Levi's checking out the pumpkins.

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