Saturday, May 8, 2010

Long Lost Videos

Levi is now walking! I took some video of his first steps, and when I was downloading them found 2 months worth of videos, so here goes. I'll start with the walking one since it's the most momentous. Levi had taken several steps on a handful of occasions for 6 weeks now. We kept thinking he was extremely close to walking, but he wasn't quite ready. One day, he just decided he was ready and off he went. Since he already knew how to walk, he kinda bypassed the whole take 2 or 3 steps and fall down stage. He just went full speed ahead for 8-15 steps each attempt. From April 24th...

Next up is Levi learning to stand. He is so proud of himself. Filmed February 25th.

Here's a funny clip of the boys playing together. They don't play "together" very often. Usually Colt just takes Levi's toy and tries to replace it with something else. We are trying to work on this. However, they are actually playing catch and it's pretty cute.

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Sarah said...

way to go Levi!