Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where does the time go!?!

Since I haven't blogged for almost 7 weeks, I guess I'll go back to Mother's Day. My mom, brother and sister came into town, so it was fun to be together as a large family. It was also my mom's 60th birthday! We went to a paint-your-own-pottery studio and painted her a picture frame so she can always remember the weekend. We had fun eating out - Macaroni Grill, yum, and made our favorite Dr. Pendergrass cupcakes. Plus, Alethea and I took my mom to a tea house for her birthday - I was surprised at how much those tiny tea sandwiches really filled me up! 

It was also our 8th wedding anniversary, so Granny Rae watched the boys so we could go out and celebrate! We watched Iron Man 2, which was a real treat since we rarely watch movies in the theater anymore. We also sampled the tasting menu at Zoot in Bee Cave. It's a restaurant that serves local, fresh food and was pretty good! 
Also, Colt wrapped up his first year of preschool with an end-of-year program. The two 2's classes came out and sang a song for the parents. Colt is in the middle in the green shirt, front row. It was funny because he was the clown of the group. He kept waving, then sticking out his tongue, jumping around and being so silly. Most of the other kids had that blank look on their faces, but he was really hamming it up. Too funny, especially since he's usually really shy in new situations.


Beth said...

You guys look great... and your mom looks fabulous! Hope we still get to see you when you come to Abilene this weekend!

Chez said...

I LOVE that first picture of you guys! So adorable!!