Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick on the 1st

Yesterday Colt was sick as a dog. It was really quite sad. He just laid around with his blanket, bunny, and pacifier ALL day. Quite a change from his normally high-energy self. No jumping off the couch, climbing in the plant window, running around outside or chasing the dog. For me, the day proved to be very productive.
Not having to play, entertain or even feed Colt (he did have a bowl of applesauce at one point), left me with much time to get things done around the house. I got my external hard drive organized since our friend Shiva recently transferred all the data from my old computer to it. I created a recipe book from a binder and tabs to store all the recipes that I tear out of magazines, since they were staking up on me!
I also cleaned out our pantry and reorganized it. I'm doing the 28-day Real Food Challenge on the blog Nourished Kitchen, and day one called for cleaning out all of the processed foods from my pantry/fridge. So, I took the plunge. To our potential guests: Never fear, I did hang on to the few processed foods that we have, to use for when you visit or for when I make items for church potlucks, or just to do art projects with! Anyway, the day was a productive one, despite Colt being sick. And don't worry, I took a lot of time to just cuddle up with my little boy by the fire. Can't let those moments get away!

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