Sunday, January 31, 2010

January fun

We've just been playing, playing, playing this month. We actually had several sunny, warm days which allowed us to play outside frequently.
Colt has enjoyed pushing Levi around the yard, but sometimes gets upset when Levi doesn't return the favor.

Also, our neighbors got a new dog, so both of my boys LOVE to stand at the gate and play with Scooby Doo.
Here's a sweet moment during a recent bath time.

And, here's a not-so-sweet moment. Actually, Levi doesn't seem to mind water in his face. He just laughs it off.

Lastly, I babysat Adelaide and her brother, Abe last week for a bit. Adelaide insisted on playing Sleeping Beauty. It cracked me up since Colt probably doesn't even know who Sleeping Beauty is, let alone any princesses! Adelaide was adamant that Colt join her in being a Sleeping Beauty, so he humored her for a while... before they changed games and started a pillow fight.

In other news... I've gone a full month without sugar!! Just 2 more weeks to go till my 6 week goal. I then plan to have one month where I can have sugar and sugar products (think cakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream, hot chocolate... all the good stuff I've been saying no to since my New Year's Resolution took effect). I'll be in hog heaven.

Also, I've been training for the Austin Marathon for the past 6 months. Good thing, since I enjoy eating all that sugar! Just 2 weeks to go until race day. I feel strong and prepared and am excited to complete my first marathon. Ty has been awesome and has watched our kids faithfully every Saturday for the past 6 months so I can go running with my training group. He bought a treadmill for me to train on while the kids are napping. And, he usually has a hot breakfast made for me when I come home from my long runs! Thanks so much, sweetheart!


Chez said...

Hope Scooby Doo doesn't replace Taco in Colt's heart!

4 weeks without sugar is amazing!! I'll have to make you some sugary cupcakes as a reward after your marathon. :)

Lindsey Stokes said...

Talk about an amazing support system!