Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baking crackers and running marathons

Lots to update on. No

Last week was my first week participating in the Nourished Kitchen challenge. I cleaned out my pantry with all processed foods. Well, mostly. I kept some stuff until I learn what to replace it with. I had my marathon coming up, so wanted to hang on to some pasta so I could carb-load. Colt and I did venture into making some crackers, which turned out pretty good! Next time I'll roll them a bit thinner, which should help them to be even more crunchy and delicious.
(Ok, just kidding. I forgot I'd taken some pictures of our cracker-making process.)

Also, we started a sourdough starter. Can yall see me as someone who makes my own bread from scratch? Yeah, I didn't think so. I just mix some flour and water into my "starter" everyday and let the good bacteria grow, then add a few more ingredients and bake it. Stay tuned to how it turns out!
Today was the day I've been waiting for since I started training in September. My 1st Marathon!! I did finish in a decent time (thanks to my dad hopping in the race to spur me on), but let's just say this may also be my LAST marathon. I'm not quite sure my body likes running that distance. Plus, it takes entirely too much time to train for that distance, especially with such young kids to care for. Don't worry - I'm not done running. I just will stick to shorter distances for a while. Actually, I'll probably do some triathlons later this year. Should be fun!
And just for those who want to know, my time was 4:05:24. Yeah, you try running for 4 hours and see how you feel :) Maybe I should have just run faster and got it over with in 3 hours!

Well, I guess that's enough updating for one night. I'm pretty tired from this morning's festivities, so I guess I'll call it quits. Good night!

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