Monday, May 4, 2009

Levi at 2 months

First of all, Levi's screw finally came out on Thursday! No, I didn't take a picture of it, so you can keep on reading :) I didn't save it either. I have an identical screw that I'll save for his baby book. Levi had his 2 month well visit today. He weighs 13 pounds 12 oz, 24 inches long, and 40.3cm head circumference. No vaccinations for us, so it was a great doctor visit with no crying! They had masks sitting out, in case you thought you had swine flu. Interesting. Levi is a great baby. He eats well, doesn't spit up much, has an easy disposition, and makes cute coos. He has a really strong neck and doesn't mind tummy time. He does have some trouble going to sleep at night. He loves to be swaddled, but still refuses to take a pacifier. In the next few weeks, we'll start sleep training, so hopefully he'll learn to fall asleep faster and then we'll all be happier!

This past month, Levi started smiling. We LOVE it!


campers said...

He is such a handsome baby!!!

Yobany said...

Those are a couple of good looking boys. Plus, Ty looks like a natural. What a fun family!