Monday, February 11, 2008

My job just got a lot harder!!

Colt officially started crawling yesterday. He's still kinda slow, but he definitely gets from here to there and is keeping me hopping! I can see why this is the time when many moms lose the last of their baby weight. No more sitting around for me!

Where's Colt?


Jesse Petersen said...

We missed it! We were hoping he'd start crawling some night we were babysitting. Looks like our job just got tougher, too.

Congratulations, Colt!

Chez said...

Ahhhh!! Hilarious! He looks like a little inch worm! I can't believe how fast he's growing up!!!

hejlyeah said...

Hey! That's so stinkin cute!

Will we be seeing you guys this week??? Email me!

Rocky and Sunee said...

awesome. he'll be losing his baby weight soon too, getting his exercise. can't wait to see him this week. it's really not harder once they start moving, different but not harder. they really can entertain themselves for so long now.

Jamie Girl said...

OMG...he is soooo darn cute!! i can"t believe he is crawling already! how exciting:) maybe next week i will take jack over for a stroller ride to your end of the neighborhood so the boys can meet:)