Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beach Bum Baby

This weekend Ty's mom visited us in Tampa. Since this was her 3rd trip here and hadn't yet been to see the beach, we headed to Honeymoon Island beach.

Today Colt had another first. He sat up all by himself (like he was laying on his back and the next minute he was sitting up playing with his toy)! Guess tonight we have to lower his crib settings.
He's also working really hard on crawling. He can scoot backwards like a champ and will be going forward very soon. Here are some pics of Colt yesterday (notice the bad mood). He's in an outfit from my most loyal "blog stalker," Jackie. :)
Well, have a BEAUTIFUL evening!


Jesse Petersen said...

You simply have to frame that pic of you and Colt on the sand! People pay good money for portraits like that.

campers said...

those pictures are great!

Charis said...

Ty's mom is a professional photographer. We are blessed to have her take great shots of us for FREE!

allyo said...

Those pictures are amazing!!!!

Rocky and Sunee said...

the pics are great. i really love the one you took of ty's mom and colt on the beach. you are a great photographer too.