Saturday, February 23, 2008

30 days of sex

Thought that title may get your attention. For those of you that haven't heard, there is a church here in Tampa that has issued a 30-day sex challenge to its members. Because the divorce rate is 50% for both Christians and non-Christians alike, the pastor is challenging his members to increase the intimacy in their marriages, or to abstain from sex for the unmarried (seems strange for a church to acknowledge that half of the equation... or at least to ignore it the other 335 days of the year). Anyway, Ty has been all about this story and wants to change churches for the next 30 days. :) If you or your spouse are interested in the sex challenge you can go to the church website. They have a blog and a 30-day guide: Bring on the hibbity jibbity.


Wendi said...

Interesting... I bet Ty is loving it. ha!

Charis said...

If only we were attending that church.... :) Ya know, I wonder if that church will have to create more nursery space in 9 months.