Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Football fever

This week we ventured outdoors into the Florida heat to watch Vince Young take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Unfortunately, Vince got hurt and the Titans ended up loosing, but we had a good time anyway. We got some sweet tickets that let us sit inside in the air conditioning or outside in the sun, so we did a little of both. They even had leather arm chairs inside that were perfect for nursing Colt! I did run into our pediatrician on the way out and felt somewhat guilty that she caught me taking my kid to an event that was probably a bit too much (crowded and hot) for a 3 month old. But, again, we had the air conditioning where we spent all but the first 2 possessions of the game and the last 3 minutes of the game. Yeah, we spent lots of money on tickets to sit inside in the cool and watch the game on tv :(
Looks like Colt is the only Dishman interested in watching the game.

I started puting Colt on top of my exercise ball and rolling him around. He loves it!

A Gymboree activity center in Tampa had its grand opening last week, so I went with a friend to check it out. Gotta say it was pretty impressive with all the classes designed to enhance children's development at specific ages. They even had a life-size Gymbo (the clown mascot) - it scared lots of the little kids :( I didn't sign up yet, because I basically do tons of sensory stimulation activities with Colt everyday, but will definitely think about joining when he gets a bit older. I think it will be more beneficial when he is able to walk around and play in/on the activity centers. My main reservation was the cost. I mean, it costs about $10 a class (one class a week which lasts for 45 minutes). That's more than my own gym membership!! I find it hard to justify this cost for an infant, especially when we just went to a one income family. But if anyone hears of any specials on membership in a few months, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Love the football pics! That is an expensive play gym. Hopefully you can find something in your area more reasonable in price!

Jesse Petersen said...

He sure loves his hands/fingers!